Department of Psychology
School of Social Sciences
University of Mannheim
68131 Mannheim

Phone: +49-621-181-2102
Email: malejka


Schloss, EO 266
Office hours: Thursday, 3:30 – 5:00 pm (by prior appointment)

Dr. Simone Malejka


Reserarch Interests

Experimental Psychology: Learning and memory

  • Testing effect (retrieval-practice effect)
  • Recognition and source memory

 Mathematical Psychology: Formal modeling of cognitive processes

  • Multinomial processing-tree models
  • Signal detection theory
  • Model selection


  • Malejka, S., & Bröder, A. (in press). Exploring the shape of signal-detection distributions in individual recognition ROC data. Journal of Memory & Language.
  • Bröder, A., & Malejka, S. (2017). On a problematic procedure to manipulate response biases in recognition experiments: The case of “implied” base rates. Memory, 25, 736-743.
  • Malejka, S., & Bröder, A. (2016). No source memory for unrecognized items when implicit feedback is avoided. Memory & Cognition, 44, 63-72.