Department of Psychology
School of Social Sciences
University of Mannheim
68161 Mannheim

Phone: +49-621-181-3389
Email: niarnold


L13, 17, Room 507


Dr. Nina Arnold

Research Interests:

  • Recognition Memory
  • Source Memory
  • Prospective Memory
  • Hindsight Bias
  • Multinomial Processing Tree Modeling
  • Hierarchical Modeling
  • Diffusion Modeling
  • Clinical Applications of MPT-Modeling
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Selected Publications:

  • Heck, D. W.*, Arnold, N. R.*, & Arnold, D. (in press). TreeBUGS: An R package for hierarchical MPT modeling. Behavior Research Methods.
  • Marevic, I., Arnold, N. R., Rummel, J. (in press). Item-method directed forgetting and working memory capacity: A hierarchical multinomial modeling approach. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.
  • Arnold, N. R., Bayen, U. J., & Smith, R. E. (2015) Hierarchical multinomial modeling approaches: An application to prospective memory and working memory.Experimental Psychology, 62, 143-152. doi: 10.1027/1618-3169/a000287.
  • Arnold, N. R., Bröder, A. & Bayen, U. (2015). Empirical validation of the diffusion model for recognition memory and a comparison of parameter-estimation methods. Psychological Research, 79, 882-898. (Open Access).
  • Arnold, N. R., Bayen, U. J., & Böhm, M. F. (2014). Is prospective memory related to depression and anxiety? A hierarchical MPT modelling approach. Memory. doi 10.1080/09658211.2014.969276.
  • Arnold, N.R., Bayen, U.J., Kuhlmann, B.G., & Vaterrodt, B. (2013). Hierarchical modeling of contingency-based source monitoring: A test of the probability-matching account. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 20, 326-333.